Who Works From Home And How They Do It

Working Remotely, But Not in Your PJs: Communal Workspaces

These modes of communication help co-workers keep in touch but can also be distracting. Mason says to watch out for the “distraction creep.” “Distractions of any sort can pull you out of a ‘flow’ mode, and if you are prone to distraction, then working from home can be very challenging,” Mason said. In order to prevent interruptions, Mason says, people must establish a regimented routine that is work-conducive by separating the personal office from the rest of the home and avoiding noisy coffee shops. Take a personality test Telecommuting is not for everyone; it’s better suited for introverts, Mason says. “If you are forced into telecommuting and are an extrovert, then seriously consider a new job,” he said. Mason suggests a person take a personality test to determine whether they’re an introvert or an extrovert before making the decision to work from home. “Introverts can naturally draw energy from being solitary and this (I think) is the most important factor,” he writes in an iReport . Mason says that if a person is an extrovert and enjoys social activities, loneliness will set in, and be a big challenge when telecommuting. For extroverted people who say they would love to get out of the company office, they might have a difficult time adjusting to working from home. “You might be surprised to learn that all those personal interactions, read more… although distracting (and unpleasant) at times, are really what make you feel part of a group,” he writes.
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For me, then, co-working spaces allow me to work at a desk to reduce health problems created by lying down all day with my laptop on my stomach, help me to concentrate by providing me with a quiet room, guarantee Ill have good Wi-Fi and usually have free water and coffee, which is always good. Professional environment seeker Chicago Blog Week organizer Dante Hamilton, who works out of OfficePort Chicago, appreciates the fact that there are none of the distracting elements that are present in the home work environment (pets, kids, housework, etc.) that can impact productivity. He also believes a co-working environment forces him to focus and get work done, much like a traditional work environment. An added bonus is the camaraderie thats absent from a home environment. At home, you are often isolated except for the delivery of mail and packages or neighbors unless you venture out for coffee. Most co-working spaces offer coffee and more so you can engage and connect with others while grabbing tea, heating up your microwave lunch or catching news on the cable TV in the common area. This is much better than being at home. Sounds like work-topia, but as with any great concept, there are a few important points to keep in mind. Juliff has really only found one drawback to co-working environments so far. The price particularly in certain parts of the world in relation to cost of living.
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