The Work-from-home Tug Of War

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For many younger workers, that flexibility is a given. For Boomers, who may have started their work lives tied to desks as their parents were rushing to get in before the boss arrived, lingering in the evening until he left it can be more complicated; working at home feels so good it must be wrong. The Harris Poll, while generally reflecting approval of telecommuting, suggests such guilt could be well-founded. More than four in five workers say that working together in an office promotes team camaraderie; that some of the best ideas and decisions can come from impromptu, in-person meetings and discussions; that working in an office improves communication and collaboration. Lister says that argues for part-time telecommuting, not a wholesale retreat to the office as seen on Mad Men. “Telework,” she says, “is not a guilty pleasure any more.” Most telecommuters agree there’s no going back. At least, they’re not. For McCreary, it’s telecommute or bust.
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